High Five For Friday

Happy Friday! It doesn’t exactly feel like a Friday to me because I have to work tonight and tomorrow but I am still thankful it’s the weekend. Today I am linking up with Lauren for H54F! Here are 5 of my favorite things from this week:

1. This past week I did it. I signed up for my first 5k! And my first race at that. And it’s supposedly the “happiest 5k on the planet.” Color Run here I come. Hey, you should run with me! There is a living social deal for it too. Check it out here.


2. This necklace caught my eye this week but I was waiting to buy it. I have been making too many purchases lately so I was using some self-control and resisting but of course it’s sold out now. Bummer. But luckily with Ruche they restock certain items if they were really popular. This pendant would be so perfect for fall with an oversized sweater and my black skinny jeans! And countless other outfits.


3. Cannot wait to make this pumpkin french toast bake! Holy yum. As if french toast on it’s own wasn’t amazing enough, let’s add some pumpkin too it! Heck yeah. I will let you know how it turns out when I get a chance to make it.

Image via The Minimalist Baker

Image via The Minimalist Baker

4. My sweet mother-in-law gave me these Lily and Laura bracelets this past weekend when we arrived at the beach and I realized I forgot my bag. Of course she couldn’t have known I would need some cheering up but it came at the perfect time! I have been seeing these bracelets around but didn’t really know what they were. I found out they are hand crocheted by women in Nepal. They are meant to be stacked. I love them! And my MIL picked out some great colors.


5. Babies! I love it when my friends have babies so I can get my baby fever out with a few cuddles now and then. Isn’t she cute? Cuddling is enough to satisfy me for now. Maybe in a few more years I will be ready for all of the other duties that come along with having a baby.


I will see y’all on Monday with an outfit post! I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

Sometimes It’s All About the Shoes


I love these shoes!!!!!! I will scream it from the tops of the mountains. Just kidding…but aren’t they pretty awesome? Image

Mid-summer I was on the hunt for some cognac/camel colored wedge sandals to wear with summer dresses. I wanted something trendy and comfortable. I came across these from Aldo. I took a couple weeks to decide if I really wanted them because they had black in them and I already had some black wedges but I finally couldn’t resist. They were a little pricey but I knew I would wear them a lot and Aldo shoes are good quality (I know this from experience). Ever since I bought them I can’t wear them enough! Even though they are 3.5 inch heels (high for me), they are easy to walk in and don’t hurt my feet because of the platform aspect. I often find myself gravitating towards pieces that I don’t see every girl on the street wearing. And these are definitely shoes you don’t see everyday. I guess what I am trying to say is, I like unique pieces. They way I see it, clothing is like art and shoes are art for my feet. 


I like this outfit because it’s sophisticated with the blazer yet still fun. I feel like a 23 year old in this outfit. I mean, I totally wouldn’t have worn this as a 22 year old you know?! (Sarcasm). I have also worn this outfit to work with cropped black dress pants and flats. Hope this sends some inspiration your way! 

That time I forgot my suitcase…


This weekend Doug’s parents graciously invited us to crash their weekend getaway to Emerald Isle so of course we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to go to the beach one last time before it got chilly. I got off work a little early to go home and straighten up the house and pack our bags for the weekend. We had some time to spare before we left so I had Doug take a few pictures of the outfit I was wearing…I have been eyeing these polka dot jeans from Target ever since my super hip Aunt (has great style and is over the age of 50) wore them at our family reunion. I tried them on back in July and wasn’t too sure about them…kind of looked like I had white chicken pox all over my legs?? I don’t know…but anyways, I was back at Target in August and saw they were on sale so I decided to give them another try. I tried one size up and it was love! They are really comfortable too.



I was pretty excited about this cute little casual outfit. Little did I know I would be wearing it all weekend….dun dun dun.

We got to the condo at the beach around 10:30pm and I was at that point where all I wanted to do was hop in the bed and fall into a deep deep slumber. I was also pretty excited about taking my contacts out which were at that really sticky dry point that is super uncomfortable. We get out of the car and I hear Doug let out an incredulous laugh and say “babe, where’s your bag?” Normally I probably would’ve laughed but I was so tired and not really in the “joking” mood. I make way back to the trunk and after tossing around a few things, I realize yes, I did indeed leave my bag at home… commence tears and embarrassment. To make a long story short, I thought Doug had grabbed it on his way out and he thought I had. Rookie newlywed mistake…which will NEVER happen to us again. EVER.

Praise the Lord there was a 24 hour Walmart thirty minutes away. So we got back in the car and made a little trip to Wally World to get the necessities. Of  course I pouted most of the time…it was almost 12am at this point and I had forgot my bag and I am a girl who likes having her own things okay?!!!! Is that too much to ask?!?! Doug didn’t really understand why I was so upset and I kept thinking to myself WHY WHY WHY me?! He wouldn’t have cared at all if we had left his bag. But honestly looking back I think God taught me a lesson through the whole thing. Just a little reminder that our material things that we think we need all the time, maybe in fact we don’t really need them. Of course, it’s nice to have makeup and cute outfits but it’s not a necessity. I definitely didn’t look my cutest that weekend but once I quit pouting and got over my pride I had a really fun time.


Doug took this picture and I think it’s so funny. I was still pouting at this point and was seriously doubting I was going to be finding anything wearable at Walmart…I’m a Target girl. I did find a few clothing necessities that I was pleased with ($5 “ultra soft” v-neck?? Heck yeah) and I found all the toiletries I needed. It was $50 that didn’t need to be spent but it was unavoidable.


Walmart was sold out of swimsuits, as were most of the shops down there…at least they were out of wearable swimsuits. My options were down to fuchsia granny suits and neon pink cheetah print string bikinis. I finally found a perfect fit gem of a swim suit at a local surf shop. And my sweet mother in law bought it for me because she is just that awesome. I love mommas that buy you things when you idiotically left your entire bag at home.

In other news, I discovered my favorite dog. On the way back we saw a gorgeous husky sticking it’s neck out of a car window and I decided to take a dog quiz on my phone. It was supposed to tell you the best dog for your lifestyle. It gave us a chihuahua (is that not the hardest word to spell?). Yeahhummm no. That made me mad at the quiz so I googled different dogs and discovered the Bernedoodle (hypoallergenic)  which I am absolutely in love with now. We aren’t planning on getting a dog anytime soon but when we do this is it! Doug is not convinced yet. If only I can learn to groom dogs to save us some money; anyone want to teach me?


Totally irresistible right?? It’s love.


Sunny Days


By now you’re probably wondering if all I wear is bright colors. The truth is, I really enjoy wearing bolder colors and prints in the summertime. The days are sunny and the nights are warm, it just seems to fit. Excuse the random strand of hair across my face, it was quite windy on this lovely Sunday!  I bought this dress from Anthropologie last summer on major mark down. I had to give the price tag a second look because I couldn’t believe how low it was. Of course I couldn’t pass it up so this lovely found its way into my dress collection.

I wore this outfit to church last Sunday when we were in Doug’s (my hubs) hometown for the weekend. I figured I would wear my favorite summer dress for the last time before falls sets in. We’ve already had some fall weather days and I am loving it! Also, I just found out that Starbucks has released their pumpkin spice latte already (my absolute fave and probably every other girls’ on the planet, prepare yourselves for countless instagram pics of pumpkin spice lattes).


This pearl bracelet is from Charming Charlie.  Why am I just hearing about this wonderland?! Seriously, I don’t know how the prices on their jewelry are so low. I got this bracelet for a mere $8. One of my friends mentioned she had the same bracelet or at least a similar one but it was from J. Crew. I am sure hers was at least $30. They also have a radical deal sale section. I bought my sister a bubble necklace for $10 and some adorable gold and turquoise dangle earrings for $2. To me, that’s just insane but I absolutely love it.  Jewelry being that inexpensive, I would expect it to fall apart after a few wears but it is really quite decent quality.


These shoes are one of my favorite purchases from last summer from one of my favorite online stores, Ruche. They have a nice little labor day sale going on right now that’s worth checking out!


I hope you are all having a relaxing labor day weekend! Don’t forget to wear your white pants/shorts/dresses one last time before Monday. My white skinny jeans from Old Navy will definitely be making one last appearance at my sister’s birthday dinner tomorrow night!

Something Blue


Okay, so I really like this dress. I am guilty of being a sucker for the color yellow…and all bright colors in general as I am realizing through my outfit posts. One of my co-workers said to me last week, “gosh, is everything you own yellow?!” I thought about it…and yeah I can see how he could think that. (I think I had worn yellow pants the day before- oops). Yellow just makes me happy!


I have already worn this dress to two wedding rehearsal dinners, my brother’s high school graduation, and work.  I originally purchased it from the Loft when they were having one of their infamous 40% off sales (I say infamous because for awhile there those sales were straight killin’ my bank account), thinking it would be a great work dress. I ordered it online so I wasn’t sure how it would fit…unfortunately it was shorter and wider than I had hoped (something I have experienced several times with Loft purchases lately). I had it taken in but of course I couldn’t do much about the length so it’s really just a party dress now. Although I did try wearing it to work once with flats, which I will probably do again because I am running out of occasions to wear it and falls colors and trends are about to set in! That’s a beautiful thing in my book.

IMG_1405I think the exposed zipper on the back is a nice touch. Definitely on the trendy side but I like it!

In other news, I finally got a haircut. Nothing like a fresh snip to make you feel like a new woman! I was considering getting a collarbone length cut but when it came down to it I couldn’t part with my long locks, and I don’t think my hairdresser could either. But word on the street is short cuts are very trendy for fall…so who knows what autumn may bring. I am really diggin’ this hairdo, lots of texture and soft waves.


image of (and via) Alex Crabtree

Cotton Candy Work Day


I wore this outfit to work one day last week and when I got home I thought “man, I really like this outfit, I should probably take some pictures for the blog.” It’s just so comfortable and feels so business professional yet modern and girly at the same time. I love a basic white button down because you can pair it with so many things! This one is from Gap and I got it for Christmas. It’s super soft too not stiff like some men’s button down shirts. Excuse the wrinkles in the skirt and sleeves…as I said, I decided to take these pictures after I had put in an 8 hour work day. And let me tell you it was just one of those days…one of those days that I cried probably 5 times over silly things and maybe one or two things not so silly. Needless to say I am glad my outfit resembled something happy, that being cotton candy of course! I guess when I see blue and pink together I immediately think cotton candy…now I didn’t pair these two colors together for that reason but who knows, maybe I did it subconsciously??


A little back action for ya…

PS: Isn’t my husband’s little patio scape creation just the cutest?! Perks of marrying a huge plant nerd.

Maxi- Dress or Skirt?


This outfit was inspired by another blog post I saw so I can’t take all the credit for this genius idea. The “skirt” I am wearing is in actuality a dress! Shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone…It’s a very simple little trick. I took a basic orange blouse from Old Navy that I bought earlier this summer, flipped it on over the dress, tied a little side knot and voila, it is a skirt. Pretty simple. I haven’t rocked the side knot before and it was a little uncomfortable to begin with but it grew on me.


In regards to the maxi dress/skirt, I got this at Target back in High School believe it or not…I don’t know if anyone remembers but there was a little spurt of a maxi dress trend back in the summer of 2007 (or maybe it was 2008…don’t quote me on it), it didn’t take on completely but I did purchase a maxi dress then. Now the trend is full blown and I looked in my closet the other day and realized I only have two of them. And one of them is from 2007 (or 2008). Crazy right? I like maxi dresses but part of me thinks I am a little too short to pull them off fantastically…but I’m trying with the help of these amazing new shoes I splurged on from Aldo that help give a little height to my 5’4” self. I am just in love with them. They are super comfy too…well, as comfy as 3.5″ platform heels can be.

I hope this inspires you to style your maxi in a completely different way! And trick all your friends into thinking you’re wearing a skirt…so sneaky 🙂


Just happy to be alive over here…and boy do I need a haircut.

One Piece Many Ways: Geometric Print Blouse

Hello there!

Today I am linking up with Audrey at Putting Me Together! If you haven’t checked out her blog, you definitely should. She has some awesome ideas for putting different outfits together and has inspired me to pair different pieces together. I did this one last minute but I hope to continue to do more of these posts because it was really a lot of fun! I have always loved putting different outfits together since I was a little girl. Whether it was paper dolls…(yeah I had a big imagination) or Barbies, I enjoyed dressing them and piecing various outfits together.

Today I am here piecing a black and white geometric print peplum blouse from Ruche, which is my absolute favorite place to shop (more on that later)! I would add a link to this blouse but I am almost certain it is out of stock because I can’t find it on their website anywhere…sad, I know. This blouse just screamed at me when I was browsing their New Arrivals section online. It was so unique and I knew I could pair it with many different outfits because of the colors and the peplum style. So of course it made it’s way into my closet and I have not regretted it!

I decided on two work outfits (what I wear 5 out of 7 days of the week), one date night outfit, one cute but on the casual side outfit, and one Autumn inspired outfit because Summer is coming to a close, sad but true. This blouse is also really great because it is easy to pair with a statement necklace due to the high neckline. I apologize in advance for all the hand on the hip poses…it just seemed to be working for me that night. Hopefully, over time I will get better at the posing thing. Enough jibber jabber…here are some pictures for ya!

Date Night


Casual but Cute


Work Day (Take 1)


Work Day (Take 2)


Autumn Inspired


One more picture for good measure! And because my husband put this little collage together after taking all these pictures for/of me. Such a sweetie 🙂


Thanks for tuning in! Be back soon with another style post 🙂

Count it All Joy

The name of my blog was inspired by James 1:2-4 that says,

“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” (ESV)

When I find myself dissatisfied with my circumstances or just life in general I often think on this verse and the truth I can take from it. God calls us to be joyful in all things. The desire of my heart is to be joyful in all circumstances, to “count it all joy.” But all the time my flesh fights this. I want to find something to complain or whine about. Fighting this tendency is something that has been on my heart lately. I want this blog to be a place where I can express joy from day to day; the little blessings in life that God has given to me to remind me of his love and grace. So here it goes, join me on my journey to counting it all joy everyday!