Something Blue


Okay, so I really like this dress. I am guilty of being a sucker for the color yellow…and all bright colors in general as I am realizing through my outfit posts. One of my co-workers said to me last week, “gosh, is everything you own yellow?!” I thought about it…and yeah I can see how he could think that. (I think I had worn yellow pants the day before- oops). Yellow just makes me happy!


I have already worn this dress to two wedding rehearsal dinners, my brother’s high school graduation, and work.  I originally purchased it from the Loft when they were having one of their infamous 40% off sales (I say infamous because for awhile there those sales were straight killin’ my bank account), thinking it would be a great work dress. I ordered it online so I wasn’t sure how it would fit…unfortunately it was shorter and wider than I had hoped (something I have experienced several times with Loft purchases lately). I had it taken in but of course I couldn’t do much about the length so it’s really just a party dress now. Although I did try wearing it to work once with flats, which I will probably do again because I am running out of occasions to wear it and falls colors and trends are about to set in! That’s a beautiful thing in my book.

IMG_1405I think the exposed zipper on the back is a nice touch. Definitely on the trendy side but I like it!

In other news, I finally got a haircut. Nothing like a fresh snip to make you feel like a new woman! I was considering getting a collarbone length cut but when it came down to it I couldn’t part with my long locks, and I don’t think my hairdresser could either. But word on the street is short cuts are very trendy for fall…so who knows what autumn may bring. I am really diggin’ this hairdo, lots of texture and soft waves.


image of (and via) Alex Crabtree

Cotton Candy Work Day


I wore this outfit to work one day last week and when I got home I thought “man, I really like this outfit, I should probably take some pictures for the blog.” It’s just so comfortable and feels so business professional yet modern and girly at the same time. I love a basic white button down because you can pair it with so many things! This one is from Gap and I got it for Christmas. It’s super soft too not stiff like some men’s button down shirts. Excuse the wrinkles in the skirt and sleeves…as I said, I decided to take these pictures after I had put in an 8 hour work day. And let me tell you it was just one of those days…one of those days that I cried probably 5 times over silly things and maybe one or two things not so silly. Needless to say I am glad my outfit resembled something happy, that being cotton candy of course! I guess when I see blue and pink together I immediately think cotton candy…now I didn’t pair these two colors together for that reason but who knows, maybe I did it subconsciously??


A little back action for ya…

PS: Isn’t my husband’s little patio scape creation just the cutest?! Perks of marrying a huge plant nerd.

Maxi- Dress or Skirt?


This outfit was inspired by another blog post I saw so I can’t take all the credit for this genius idea. The “skirt” I am wearing is in actuality a dress! Shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone…It’s a very simple little trick. I took a basic orange blouse from Old Navy that I bought earlier this summer, flipped it on over the dress, tied a little side knot and voila, it is a skirt. Pretty simple. I haven’t rocked the side knot before and it was a little uncomfortable to begin with but it grew on me.


In regards to the maxi dress/skirt, I got this at Target back in High School believe it or not…I don’t know if anyone remembers but there was a little spurt of a maxi dress trend back in the summer of 2007 (or maybe it was 2008…don’t quote me on it), it didn’t take on completely but I did purchase a maxi dress then. Now the trend is full blown and I looked in my closet the other day and realized I only have two of them. And one of them is from 2007 (or 2008). Crazy right? I like maxi dresses but part of me thinks I am a little too short to pull them off fantastically…but I’m trying with the help of these amazing new shoes I splurged on from Aldo that help give a little height to my 5’4” self. I am just in love with them. They are super comfy too…well, as comfy as 3.5″ platform heels can be.

I hope this inspires you to style your maxi in a completely different way! And trick all your friends into thinking you’re wearing a skirt…so sneaky 🙂


Just happy to be alive over here…and boy do I need a haircut.