Sunny Days


By now you’re probably wondering if all I wear is bright colors. The truth is, I really enjoy wearing bolder colors and prints in the summertime. The days are sunny and the nights are warm, it just seems to fit. Excuse the random strand of hair across my face, it was quite windy on this lovely Sunday!  I bought this dress from Anthropologie last summer on major mark down. I had to give the price tag a second look because I couldn’t believe how low it was. Of course I couldn’t pass it up so this lovely found its way into my dress collection.

I wore this outfit to church last Sunday when we were in Doug’s (my hubs) hometown for the weekend. I figured I would wear my favorite summer dress for the last time before falls sets in. We’ve already had some fall weather days and I am loving it! Also, I just found out that Starbucks has released their pumpkin spice latte already (my absolute fave and probably every other girls’ on the planet, prepare yourselves for countless instagram pics of pumpkin spice lattes).


This pearl bracelet is from Charming Charlie.  Why am I just hearing about this wonderland?! Seriously, I don’t know how the prices on their jewelry are so low. I got this bracelet for a mere $8. One of my friends mentioned she had the same bracelet or at least a similar one but it was from J. Crew. I am sure hers was at least $30. They also have a radical deal sale section. I bought my sister a bubble necklace for $10 and some adorable gold and turquoise dangle earrings for $2. To me, that’s just insane but I absolutely love it.  Jewelry being that inexpensive, I would expect it to fall apart after a few wears but it is really quite decent quality.


These shoes are one of my favorite purchases from last summer from one of my favorite online stores, Ruche. They have a nice little labor day sale going on right now that’s worth checking out!


I hope you are all having a relaxing labor day weekend! Don’t forget to wear your white pants/shorts/dresses one last time before Monday. My white skinny jeans from Old Navy will definitely be making one last appearance at my sister’s birthday dinner tomorrow night!

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