That time I forgot my suitcase…


This weekend Doug’s parents graciously invited us to crash their weekend getaway to Emerald Isle so of course we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to go to the beach one last time before it got chilly. I got off work a little early to go home and straighten up the house and pack our bags for the weekend. We had some time to spare before we left so I had Doug take a few pictures of the outfit I was wearing…I have been eyeing these polka dot jeans from Target ever since my super hip Aunt (has great style and is over the age of 50) wore them at our family reunion. I tried them on back in July and wasn’t too sure about them…kind of looked like I had white chicken pox all over my legs?? I don’t know…but anyways, I was back at Target in August and saw they were on sale so I decided to give them another try. I tried one size up and it was love! They are really comfortable too.



I was pretty excited about this cute little casual outfit. Little did I know I would be wearing it all weekend….dun dun dun.

We got to the condo at the beach around 10:30pm and I was at that point where all I wanted to do was hop in the bed and fall into a deep deep slumber. I was also pretty excited about taking my contacts out which were at that really sticky dry point that is super uncomfortable. We get out of the car and I hear Doug let out an incredulous laugh and say “babe, where’s your bag?” Normally I probably would’ve laughed but I was so tired and not really in the “joking” mood. I make way back to the trunk and after tossing around a few things, I realize yes, I did indeed leave my bag at home… commence tears and embarrassment. To make a long story short, I thought Doug had grabbed it on his way out and he thought I had. Rookie newlywed mistake…which will NEVER happen to us again. EVER.

Praise the Lord there was a 24 hour Walmart thirty minutes away. So we got back in the car and made a little trip to Wally World to get the necessities. Of  course I pouted most of the time…it was almost 12am at this point and I had forgot my bag and I am a girl who likes having her own things okay?!!!! Is that too much to ask?!?! Doug didn’t really understand why I was so upset and I kept thinking to myself WHY WHY WHY me?! He wouldn’t have cared at all if we had left his bag. But honestly looking back I think God taught me a lesson through the whole thing. Just a little reminder that our material things that we think we need all the time, maybe in fact we don’t really need them. Of course, it’s nice to have makeup and cute outfits but it’s not a necessity. I definitely didn’t look my cutest that weekend but once I quit pouting and got over my pride I had a really fun time.


Doug took this picture and I think it’s so funny. I was still pouting at this point and was seriously doubting I was going to be finding anything wearable at Walmart…I’m a Target girl. I did find a few clothing necessities that I was pleased with ($5 “ultra soft” v-neck?? Heck yeah) and I found all the toiletries I needed. It was $50 that didn’t need to be spent but it was unavoidable.


Walmart was sold out of swimsuits, as were most of the shops down there…at least they were out of wearable swimsuits. My options were down to fuchsia granny suits and neon pink cheetah print string bikinis. I finally found a perfect fit gem of a swim suit at a local surf shop. And my sweet mother in law bought it for me because she is just that awesome. I love mommas that buy you things when you idiotically left your entire bag at home.

In other news, I discovered my favorite dog. On the way back we saw a gorgeous husky sticking it’s neck out of a car window and I decided to take a dog quiz on my phone. It was supposed to tell you the best dog for your lifestyle. It gave us a chihuahua (is that not the hardest word to spell?). Yeahhummm no. That made me mad at the quiz so I googled different dogs and discovered the Bernedoodle (hypoallergenic)  which I am absolutely in love with now. We aren’t planning on getting a dog anytime soon but when we do this is it! Doug is not convinced yet. If only I can learn to groom dogs to save us some money; anyone want to teach me?


Totally irresistible right?? It’s love.


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