Sometimes It’s All About the Shoes


I love these shoes!!!!!! I will scream it from the tops of the mountains. Just kidding…but aren’t they pretty awesome? Image

Mid-summer I was on the hunt for some cognac/camel colored wedge sandals to wear with summer dresses. I wanted something trendy and comfortable. I came across these from Aldo. I took a couple weeks to decide if I really wanted them because they had black in them and I already had some black wedges but I finally couldn’t resist. They were a little pricey but I knew I would wear them a lot and Aldo shoes are good quality (I know this from experience). Ever since I bought them I can’t wear them enough! Even though they are 3.5 inch heels (high for me), they are easy to walk in and don’t hurt my feet because of the platform aspect. I often find myself gravitating towards pieces that I don’t see every girl on the street wearing. And these are definitely shoes you don’t see everyday. I guess what I am trying to say is, I like unique pieces. They way I see it, clothing is like art and shoes are art for my feet. 


I like this outfit because it’s sophisticated with the blazer yet still fun. I feel like a 23 year old in this outfit. I mean, I totally wouldn’t have worn this as a 22 year old you know?! (Sarcasm). I have also worn this outfit to work with cropped black dress pants and flats. Hope this sends some inspiration your way! 

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